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The Bar des Artistes, a trip within a trip…

With its cinematographic decor reminiscent of old American movies, the Bar des Artistes is the perfect place to discuss your latest desert adventure. To room is divided into three different areas each offering a hushed ambiance complete with dimmed lights. Enjoy a cosy intimate diner next to the fireplace, a refreshing cocktail at the bar while you admire the stunning glass case, or share time with friends around one of the beautiful golden pedestal tables.

The Bar des Artistes is a guest favourite and a must-see feature of the Masandoïa hotel. Aside from boasting an extensive wine list (French, Spanish and Moroccan), the hotel also offers beer, liquor and cocktails prepared with fresh local fruits (with or without alcohol).

After a day spent exploring the desert or a relaxing session in the hammam, sit back in one of our cozy red couches, sip on a glass of champagne or a mojito and unwind to the sound of smooth jazz melodies.

Masandoïa Restaurant highlights homemade and custom-made Moroccan cuisine.

Our restaurant celebrates homemade Moroccan cuisine and offers made-to-order dishes. Each dish is prepared with local products handpicked daily at the market in Erfoud. Our unique menu marries traditional recipes with international flavours. Food is an important part of Moroccan culture and our cuisine displays the hospitality and love for life that defines this amazing country.

Wake up to the comforting aromas of mint tea and the sweet smells of traditional Moroccan crepes (beghrir, rghaif) prepared fresh every morning. Treat yourself to our delicate pastries, mouth-watering cakes and homemade madeleines fresh from the oven and accompany them with a side of scramble eggs, freshly pressed orange juice and coffee.

For those who prefer a lounge atmosphere, the Salon Touareg also offers mint tea and our signature cakes.

All of our bread and pastries are made daily and on site.

The main menu changes daily depending on market availabilities and combines well-known Moroccan dishes with well-kept secret recipes. Traditional Moroccan dishes such as tajines, couscous, kebabs and pastillas are served alongside local dishes such as harira (a soup traditionally eaten during Ramadan), medfouna (a Berber pizza) and other exotic delicacies.

The restaurant is also equipped with a traditional wood-fired oven used to prepare the famous mechoui (sheep or lamb), which is available through reservation only.

For group dinners (New Year’s Eve, fairs, seminars, film shoots, birthday parties, etc.), the restaurant usually offers theme menus. We also cater to special requests (oysters, foie gras, sushis).

Our cooks can adapt to all types of requests or diets and our menu can be made to include vegetarian, vegan and even international dishes.