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Masandoïa Palace Spa, an invitation to well-being.

The hammam is one of the most ancient North African beauty rituals. Known for its many virtues such as relaxing muscles, evacuating toxins and purifying skin, the hammam is an integral part of Moroccan life and one of the many pleasures that the Masandoïa hotel has to offer.

A typical hammam session is usually followed by other traditional treatments: black soap treatment, rhassoul mask and a relaxing argan oil massage. If this does not help you fall into a calm and peaceful sleep, nothing will.

Exceptional care…

Oriental massages are preceded by a hammam session of about 20 minutes. The steam baths uses pine and eucalyptus essential oils, which are beneficial to both body and mind. Intense perspiration purifies the skin, preparing it for black soap exfoliation.

First, your body is covered in black soap, which has moisturizing and exfoliating properties. A kassa glove is then used to exfoliate the skin, getting rid of dead cells and leaving your skin soft and smooth. This step also stimulates cellular regeneration and microcirculation.

Following the black soap treatment a rhassoul mask is applied onto skin and hair. This type of clay will leave your hair brilliant and strong without causing any damage. Rhassoul clay has many properties: purifying, emollient, softening, and anti-oxidant. It gives the skin a satin glow thanks to its foaming power that allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin.

Last but not least: a relaxing oriental massage. The word massage is derived from the Arabic word mass, which means to knead, to feel or to press. Here at Masandoïa, the body is massaged from head to toe with warm argan oil, relaxing your body and reducing muscle tightness.

At the end of the ritual you will be given a few minutes to relax and savour a cup of mint tea. You’ll then be free to enjoy the rest of your day as you wish, maybe lounging poolside in one of our comfortable patio chairs, on your private patio or in the comfort of your room.

Hammam sessions tend to be very popular among our guests so it is best to book them prior to you stay. You can also contact us to book any of our other treatments (traditional beauty care, face and foot care, hairstyling, etc.).

Rituals in the respect of traditions…

We use traditional products during each of our treatments:

  • Black soap, also called ‘Beldi Soap’, is a 100% natural perfume-free and grain-free oriental exfoliant that is extremely popular in the Maghreb. Composed of water, black olive oil (rich in vitamin E) and potassium hydroxide, it resembles a thick brown paste that becomes creamy and smooth once mixed with water.
  • Rhassoul, or ghassoul, is a type of volcanic mineral clay that is found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is 100% natural, contains silica, magnesium, iron, aluminum, and calcium, and is rich in mineral salts and other essential elements. Rhassoul clay also has cleansing, firming, softening, purifying and exfoliating properties. Used on both hair and body, it acts as a gentle purifying chemical peel without the chemicals!
  • Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and polyphenol, argan oil nourishes the skin and helps to protect its cellular functions, leaving it soft and silky.
  • Thanks to its antioxidants, mint tea drains toxins released during exfoliation and helps regenerate body tissue.

Useful information

Please inform us if you have any particular health problems or if you might be pregnant as some treatments may not be advisable or could possibly be adapted. All massages are given by professionals and are intended to be wellness treatments only.

The Palais Masandoïa hotel uses cosmetic products by “Les Sens de Marrakech®”.